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Charlotte Bobcats are on your internet

John Hollinger puts together his “All-Suspected Surprises Team” for the early season, and two Bobcats make the list.  I’ll give you a hint – the Bobcats got both of them from the Thunder (and yes, this is an ESPN Insider article):

You can make a similar case for several other players, if not as profound as the one for Lowry. So let’s go through the list of what might be called the “Suspected Surprises” team — players who have played well enough for long enough that it warrants discussion of how and what they improved.
Hollinger’s All-Suspected Surprises Team

Over at the Daily Thunder, Royce Young looks at the Thunder seemingly throwing in the towel on a now-impressive Byron Mullens:

It’s hard to say a player picked 25th overall is a bust, but Mullens was certainly appearing to be a wasted pick.

Especially when Sam Presti finally decided to give up on his seven foot project and get a second round pick (and a free roster spot) in return for him. The Thunder had dumped Mullens for nothing after seeing him do a whole lot of nothing for two years.

Then a funny thing started happening.
Did Presti blow it with Bryon Mullens?

Over at RufusOnFire, Ben Swanson is looking at the Bobcats’ rookie point guard, and wanting to see development in his usage of the pick and roll:

The pick and roll is simply one of the most essential parts to any point guard’s arsenal. It’s not very complicate, creates a ton of options with only two players and if run well, can create easy, successful scoring opportunities while continually forcing the opponents to second-guess their defense.

The issue here is how inefficient Kemba is on these situations. According to Synergy, Kemba scores 0.69 points per pick and roll possession, which is pretty poor.
Kemba’s Struggle With The Pick and Roll