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Charlotte Bobcats on your internet

While a member of the Charlotte Bobcats has yet to deliver a quote that is worthy of a t-shirt, plenty of other players around the league. And now you can get those immortal words emblazoned on a t-shirt or hoody, thanks to OffTheChestShop.com. Even better? The various shirts have a bit of history to help put the quotes in context for any of the ones you may have forgotten:

When asked how the Blazers won he said simply, “It was a good game, both teams played hard.” Then asked about a foul that was called on him, Sheed muttered, “both teams played hard, my man.”
now on a t-shirt

While the weekend was only semi-productive, with Charlotte losing 2 of 3 over the long weekend, it did provide a highlight for Bobcats fans – Kemba’s crossover on Detroit:

Saturday night he saw the first start of his career, and the performance was quite marvelous. 39 minutes, 23 points on 8-14 shooting (2-4 from deep), 5 assists, 4 rebounds, 2 steals, and 0 turnovers. Charlotte won the game by 12 points, and Kemba was a central reason why. Stat lines like this aren’t expected each and every night, but let it be said, crossovers like the one seen above most certainly are.
Shook Ankles: Give Kemba a Chance

Tom Sorensen reminds fans that the Bobcats are losing this season for a reason – they’re young and working to build through the draft:

Maybe the Bobcats become terrific late this season. More likely, they improve marginally.
This is, as Jamison pointed out, the first season of whatever comes next. Plenty of good seats will be available.
NBA in Charlotte: Good, bad and rebuilding