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Charlotte Hornets join 2014 NBA Draft Lottery

While Cleveland had just a 1.7% chance of winning the lottery, the Cavaliers have received the top pick in the draft for the second year in a row. Whoop de doo. What matters is that Cleveland was behind Detroit in the lottery standings, and their move up the board pushed Detroit down. The Cavaliers’ good fortune provides benefit to the Charlotte Hornets, as the pick Detroit owed to Charlotte was only top-8 protected this year, so now the Hornets will be selecting 9th in the upcoming draft. The Hornets only had about a 17% chance of such a shift in the lottery standings, but apparently it was just a good day for the franchise: The franchise took back over the Charlotte Hornets name earlier in the day, as well as the franchise history (so, hello throwback jerseys featuring Muggsy and Grandmama!) and now this excitement.

We had been playing the odds at QCH so far – with the team only looking at a one in six chance of jumping into the lottery, there had been little discussion. But, we’ll gladly adjust. We’ll begin previewing potential draft candidates for the lottery, as well as the Portland pick (24th overall) that Charlotte also owns. Go play the draft lottery over at espn.com and see if you can recreate the team’s luck – on my second try on the page, I had Denver jumping up to #1 overall, and Chad Ford had the Hornets taking Gary Harris at #9.