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Charlotte Hornets Set to Reveal New Uniforms Tomorrow

Alexander Julian (right) presenting the Charlotte Hornets iconic first look in 1988

Alexander Julian (right) presenting the Charlotte Hornets iconic first look in 1988

There won’t be a fancy runway show or rock star concert. Instead, the Hornets will turn to social media to reveal their new uniforms tomorrow at 11:30am. In a way it’s fitting. Social media grassroots campaigns played a key role in returning the Hornets brand back to Charlotte.

One person that wasn’t asked to return and help with the rebrand was designer Alexander Julian. Julian designed the iconic original Hornet’s uniform under the direction of George Shinn. Julian offered to return and help design the new uniforms absolutely free…as in free of charge…as in world famous designer works free of charge. The Hornets refused Julian’s advances and instead decided to have the uniforms designed exclusively under the Nike/Jordan Brand in consultation with the NBA.

In a way it makes perfect sense. This is a rebrand that calls back to the past but aims not to copy it word for word. Jordan owns the team so it’s natural he’d want his own brand to see it through it to the end. BUT…there is a part of me that thinks it would have been nice to have Julian back on the project, especially when he would have done it simply for the “love of the game” if you will.

Alas, it was not to be. There are a lot of rumors about what these jerseys will feature. I’ve heard pinstripes, I’ve seen this:


All the rumors and the countless mockups I’ve seen on twitter  finally get put to rest tomorrow.

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What would you like to see in the new Charlotte Hornets uniform design? Comment below and let us know what you think.