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Corey Maggette Previewed for 2011-12

Corey Maggette’s Strengths

  • Scoring and doing it efficiently. Even though Maggette is thought to have a lost a step, he still draws fouls at a ridiculous rate (a 10 in FTA/FGA), which helped him to better than 58% in TS% (an 8).
  • Just to be clear – 30 points per 100 team possessions, while doing it at an above average rate. When Paul Silas says the Cats are counting on him, this is why.

Corey Maggette’s Weaknesses

  • Despite his reputation as a ball stopper, Maggette had a passable assist rate last year – but it was the turnovers that really hurt his team. A 15.4 turnover rate for Maggette, a 1 in the category (and the reason his efficiency mark is a bit lower than his TS% standing).
  • Indifferent (generous?) defense. Despite his athleticism, Corey was a 1 in both steals and blocks.

Corey Maggette’s Forecast

    • Corey gets Stephen Jackson’s role of de facto offensive leader. If he gets 30 minutes a night, expect 18 or so points a night, a few rebounds, and not much else (well, long games from all the free throws).
    • Ideally, Maggette’s role decreases as the season goes along and Kemba Walker shows he’s ready to take on a larger role offensively. Another ideal: Boris rubs off a bit, and Corey becomes a more willing passer/dead end for the ball.

Final note: I honestly don’t know what to make of Corey’s defensive numbers – despite his reputation, his numbers last season were decent with the Bucks. I assume it is some combination of Bogut behind and Skiles on the sideline that masked his (widely-accepted as fact) poor defensive abilities. Curious to see what happens this year on this front, but wanted to include the disclaimer and explanation since I knew others would likely have the same reaction I did to seeing his defensive rankings.