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D.J. Augustin Previewed for 2011-12

With a compressed season (and off-season), we’ll be running a compressed preview schedule here on QueenCityHoops.  And I decided to have some fun with it.  One of the early posts I did for the site was Transformers related (Matt Carroll and Galvatron), and I am going back to that for the player previews. Oh, and numbers.  The numbers come from player production relative to their position (with only players who had more than 1000 minutes considered), with the overall coming as a weighted mark based on the other fields, dependent on which ones matter more towards winning.  And that’s enough of an intro.

D.J. Augustin’s Strengths

  • Strong with the ball, a 9 in turnover rate
  • Above average efficiency scoring, as his TS Percentage (54.2%) was a 6 and his FTA/FGA rate (0.313) was a 7
  • While his per game numbers were nothing spectacular, that was in part due to the slow pace the Bobcats played:  D.J. was average on points per team possession and had a slightly above average assist rate

D.J.’s Weaknesses

  • Defense – bad on ball and off.  D.J. gave up a PER of nearly 2 points higher than expected.  The team defense also improved significantly when he left the court.  Gets lost in screens and is too short on closeouts.
  • Chaos was a combination of a few factors, including steals and blocks, and D.J. was pretty weak across the board in the categories included.


  • With Kemba Walker joining the team, D.J. had the single season where he was the clear guy at the 1 for the Bobcats, and now he has competition again.  The two may play side by side some this season, especially since the Bobcats are going to struggle to put points on the board, but it would seem to hint that the Bobcats don’t see D.J. as the long term starter at the position.
  • I see D.J. continuing to look like a borderline starter, good offensively, a liability defensively, and the best Bobcats fans can hope for is that he finds his shot from deep again, and moves that TS% up a bit more with a better success rate from deep.

Thoughts from Spencer

  • When Augustin first came into the league as a Bobcat he showed how lethal of a weapon he could be from the outside and was clearly the most consistent 3-point shooter the Bobcats had in the 09-10 playoff season.
  • With Kemba coming in, I hope that Silas will seek to exploit that shooting strength that Augustin possesses once again by getting him some open shots by playing off the basketball more. It was easier in 09-10 as defenses were keying in on Wallace and Jackson, which freed Augustin up. This season will just require more motion/off ball screens in order to get Augustin shots in the half court.
  • Augustin can also be very effective in the open court and Silas wants to run, so also look for smaller lineups that will include Kemba, Augustin, and Tyrus Thomas playing the 5 at times.