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Dante Cunningham previewed for 2011-12

Dante Cunningham is somewhat unique – he played significant parts of the season in both Portland and Charlotte. However, his performance varied dramatically from one coast to the other, so I’ve put separate marks on his ratings sheet for each city (I think you can guess which is which off the colors).

Dante Cunningham’s Strengths

  • Scoring (maybe)
  • Efficiency (maybe)

Dante Cunningham’s Weaknesses

  • Defense (maybe)

Dante Cunningham’s Forecast

    • A Bobcat (maybe)

Not to be too glib, but the combination of his polar performances between teams and the fact that his status as a Bobcat is still up in the air led me to provide this somewhat ambiguous review. I’d like to see Cunningham get a chance in Charlotte, just to see what he can do, but with Maggette and Brown in front of him, he may be allowed to go to Memphis.