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DeMarcus Cousins Discussion: Addendum

Henry Abbott and Amin Elhassan get together on TrueHoop TV to discuss DeMarcus Cousins: The situation in Sacramento, his potential, and his future.

Additionally, a quick response to some of the comments from the original post:

I can think of an offer SAC would have a hard time refusing and it’s Biyombo, Henderson, the POR pick, the DET pick and the Bobcats take back Jimmer.
-Master Ichiro

That’s not that hard to refuse: The Portland pick is going to be at best 13th overall (I just don’t see them missing the playoffs three straight seasons, with their primary duo of Aldridge and Lilard). The Detroit pick is more valuable, but not immediately, because of similar restrictions. And Gerald Henderson is not a star – he’s a borderline starter on a good team.

I agree with Sam, I don’t see us trading Kemba. Especially when we labeled him PG of the future.

Kemba has been great for the Bobcats this year – he has improved greatly from last year and is helping to lead the team. But Ramon Sessions has been almost as good and is cheaper. Kemba is not untouchable – and good big men are harder to find than good guards. Again, we’d prefer to hold on to Kemba as well, but let’s not repeat the Bobcats’ mistake of a point guard over a big (D.J. over Brook Lopez).

There’s a tendency to overvalue your own team’s players and in our discussion we tried to account for that. Try bouncing some of these trade ideas off Kings fans you know and gauge their reactions. We’d be glad to include any responses received as a follow-up to the follow-up.