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Derrick Brown previewed for 2011-12

Derrick Brown’s Strengths

  • Chaos. Derrick Brown is a foul drawing machine, thanks to his attempts to dunk anytime he has the ball within 10 feet of the basket (slight hyperbole). A 9 in FTA/FGA and a 10 in Offensive Rebounding.
  • Chaos at the other end of the court. Derrick had above average marks in both steals and blocks, with a 6 in both.

Derrick Brown’s Weaknesses

  • Derrick was not a great individual defender, thanks to a somewhat slight frame that was being sent out at the 4 (saw the bulk of his minutes at power forward). His propensity for chaos (blocks and steals) also saw him giving up a high mark in fta/fga to his opponents – needs to find a balance.
  • Last season, Derrick didn’t turn all of the fouls drawn into points, shooting just over 50% on free throws. Kind of defeats the purpose.

Derrick Brown’s Forecast

  • The Bobcats liked him enough to sign him with Dante Cunningham sitting around as a restricted free agent. And someone has to get the minutes backing up Corey Maggette.

Spencer’s Thoughts

  • I’ve always loved Brown’s potential. An athletic and long combo 3/4 can be very valuable in this league, but Brown’s main problem is that he doesn’t possess at true position and has no real skill set that he can hang his hat on. Offensively, Brown is extremely dangerous around the rim because of his hop and ability to attack the basket aggressively. Problem is that he doesn’t have much of a shooting range to this point and as Brett pointed out, isn’t good from the stripe. If Brown does develop some kind of range with his jumper then he can become a much more well rounded player and also less chaotic. This season Brown is going to see more minutes then he has at any point in his career and likely be in the top 7-8 player rotation. This will certainly give him the opportunity to improve all aspects of his game at an accelerated rate.
  • Brown has simply got to understand defensive concepts better. Too often Brown gets lost on the defensive end and tries to make the highlight play instead of simply getting his body into good defensive position. He’s chaotic on both ends of the floor, but his potential if able to reel it all in is very high.