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Ex-coach Brown “sick” over Jordan’s struggles

“You know I love the guy, think he’s brilliant, but he’s around people who don’t have a clue. And they won’t challenge him. And the more you challenge him, the more you get from him,” commented Larry Brown to the ‘Dan Patrick Show’ about Michael Jordan and the struggle this franchise is suffering.

Brown certainly didn’t hesitate or hold back in his interview with Dan Patrick. In fact, Brown hasn’t held back with hardly any of his opinions since his search to re-enter coaching (now hired by SMU). Brown also has been quoted saying that he believes whatever team lands Anthony Davis in the June draft will “win 50 games next season.”

Brown went on to tell the ‘Dan Patrick Show’ much more about what he believes the problem is in Charlotte. Larry Brown was fired by Jordan and the Bobcats in December 2010, after a slow start to the season.

“It’s one thing for me to get fired, but I have four or five assistants and they’re out there not able to work,” added Brown. “And when your hero fires you…I just couldn’t believe it.”

Brown acknowledged the fact that Jordan probably takes the brunt of all the criticism too much, at times, and that he knows the game as well as anyone. Brown, again cited the other problems he believes exist within the Bobcats front office.

“When I was able to visit with him (Jordan) and pick his brain, he knows, but he’s got people around him that make you sick,” said Brown.

Without diving too much into speculation of who Brown could be talking about, it only makes sense to think about the current President of Basketball Operations and former General Manager in Charlotte, Rod Higgins. Higgins has also been a target for much of the criticism with Charlotte throughout the league.

“He (Jordan) has all these other people that will get in the way and you can’t do it like that,” added Brown about Jordan and his front office staff.

Make what you will of Brown’s comments, but for a guy that is as well respected as he is among the league as a coach, it’s certainly bothersome. To me, it’s not surprising at all that Brown is being critical of the people around Jordan (likely- Rod Higgins) because that’s always been a rumor. The rumblings about people in the Charlotte front office making many of the decisions, not being Jordan, that have led to this embarrassment isn’t new news.

With all this said, Bobcats fans and people that want to be critical of Charlotte must also realize that one of the hopeful solutions to this problem was the hiring of Rich Cho. From everything that I’ve been able to gather about what Cho is in Charlotte to do, it’s to make the majority of the personnel decisions and put this franchise back on track. Evidence- Bobcats trading on draft day to get Bismack Biyombo and ultimately two lottery picks. Blowing up and building through the draft with youth. That’s the plan, and it’s a Cho plan. The same way he helped resurrect the Oklahoma City franchise.

So again, make what you will of Brown’s comments, but also understand that there is at least a direction under Cho. Can’t say the same about the days that Larry Brown is citing.