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Game 56 Preview: Bobcats at Cavaliers

Who: Cleveland Cavaliers vs Charlotte Bobcats

What: NBA Basketball – Cavaliers Home Game

When: 04/10/2012 at 7pm

Where: Live at Quicken Loans Arena

The Matchup:

Record Offensive
Cleveland 18-36 99.7 (25) 106.5 (27) 93.1 (15)
Charlotte 7-48 94.7 (30) 108.7 (30) 92.7 (17)

Previous Meetings:
1/3/12 – 115-101 Clevenad- RecapBoxscore

1/16/12 – 102-94 Cleveland- RecapBoxscore

Cleveland: Kyrie Irving – Out; Daniel Gibson – Out; Anthony Parker – Questionable
Charlotte: D.J. Augustin – Questionable; Eduardo Najera – Out

Starting Lineups

Cavaliers Bobcats
PG Donald Sloan Kemba Walker
SG Manny Harris Gerald Henderson
SF Alonzo Gee Derrick Brown
PF Antawn Jamison Bismack Biyombo
C Tristan Thompson Byron Mullens
6th Man Lester Hudson Corey Maggette

3-on-3 TrueHoop Network
1. Last night was only the Bobcats’ 9th worst margin of defeat this season, but was it the worst night of the season because of the 8 first quarter turnovers and the opponent?

Jenn: It was the worst night of the season because the Bobcats had this nearly 30 point loss at the hands of the second to worst team in the league. The 8 turnovers were just the icing on the cake.

Spencer: It was indeed the worst game of the season for the Bobcats. This team is bad in just about every way possible, but last night’s performance is extra embarrassing in the aspect that it proves most of this team has also quit.

Bryan: Charlotte should have lost that game by 40 points. It was definitely their worst performance of the year, because of the opponent, the utter lack of intensity from anyone but Maggette and Kemba and the thousands of empty seats that littered the Cable Box last night. I think the Queen City faithful have finally had enough Bobcats basketball this season.

2. Has Tyrus Thomas taken over the lead for Bobcat most likely to be amnestied in the offseason? Diop was the early leader, with Corey Maggette another potential target, but TT fouling out in just 15 minutes last night is just another night in a season of disappointing games.

Jenn: Although Thomas hasn’t lived up to expectations since he was drafted, he does, at times, bring value to the Bobcats. Thomas may also have some trade value. Diop, on the flip side, is making $92K per rebound, $256K per point and $384K per assist based on an estimated salary of $6.9M. If we are looking at this decision from a pure financial perspective, Diop is the clear choice to be amnestied.

Spencer: Tyrus has got to be the leader now. He claims to be a ‘team guy’ and vows to cheer on his teammates, even from the bench, but the sad fact about Thomas and his play is that his on-court antics prove that he’s playing like an immature 6-year that’s only concerned about himself, not the team. If Thomas doesn’t get amnestied, it’ll be another bad decision by the front office- just like the one to give him a 5-year, $52mil contract.

Bryan: I’d amnesty Diop. He’s useless. Thomas is owed less money, he’s younger and there’s a slim chance he might be able to get something back in a trade next season.

3. With 11 games left in the season, I’m done asking about winning, so how about this: Antawn Jamison has expressed interest in playing close to home as he career winds down. Does signing Jamison to a 2-year contract this off-season make sense as a veteran leader for the young players without locking up salary and a roster spot long term?

Jenn: If the Bobcats want to classify themselves as a rebuilding team, I think they need to commit fully to that strategy. That said, the salary that the Bobcats could negotiate for Jamison would be more effectively used to get 2 or 3 young prospects. Also, given Jamison’s age, the likelihood of him getting injured outweighs his potential value to the Cats.

Spencer: It depends what kind of contract they sign him to. Charlotte is a franchise that can’t afford to overpay it’s equipment manager right now, so I think it’ll all depend on what financial number Jamison will be willing to accept. Throwing the money issue out the door, I do believe it’d be a decent move for the Bobcats.

Bryan: If Rick Cho can convince him to sign on for $1 million or less each year, I can’t see it hurting the Bobcats. They have enough salary cap space to make that move and be players in free agency (especially two years from now). I’m not sure how big an effect he’d have on the team, but I don’t see any problem with giving him two-years and $2 million.