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Gana Diop previewed for 2011-12

Gana Diop’s Strengths

  • Decent defender (when in shape)
  • Big

Gana Diop’s Weaknesses

  • Turnover prone (to be generous), offensively limited big man who will make Bobcats’ fans miss the days of Kwame Brown’s diversified and potent offense
  • Just to be clear, that last point is laced with sarcasm, to illustrate just how limited Diop is
  • A poor rebounder

Gana Diop’s Forecast

  • In the strengths section, I had to note that Diop provides some defensive ability, but only when in shape.  He’s not right now, making him a step slower and even more prone to fouls
  • With Boris Diaw starting at center, Diop will likely see spot minutes against the league’s biggest bigs, but at this point, he’s injury insurance, and still around just so the Bobcats aren’t paying him to not play (as in amnestied)