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Gerald Henderson Previewed for 2011-12

Gerald Henderson’s Strengths

  • Defense – opponents attacked Gerald last year, with him giving up 23.8 points per 100 team possessions, a 1 in the category.  However, they did not do this scoring at an above average efficiency, as Henderson allowed a TS% of 54.5, right at the midpoint.  Additionally, opponents put up a slightly below expected PER against Henderson.
  • Strong with ball – a 10 in turnover rate for a SG
  • Chaos – Gerald is a ball hawk and a swat machine for a two-guard, with a 5 in steals and a 10 in blocks

Gerald Henderson’s Weaknesses

  • You might have expected Henderson to have a strong efficiency mark for Henderson, considering his turnover rate.  Yeah, he made up for it by being a 1 in TS% – since he doesn’t make/take 3s and only draws fouls at a slightly above average rate (a 7 in the category), Henderson does not score efficiently.  He needs a lot of shots to get his points, and if he can turn his 20 foot jumpers into longer ones, behind the stripe, he’ll see this mark go up.

Gerald Henderson’s Forecast

  • Henderson will never be the prototypical scoring 2-guard.  But he can be a lockdown defender at the spot.  We’ll expect to see his strong play continue at the end going forward, and as he learns a few more tricks of the trade, team’s will stop focusing on him.
  • With the starting spot looking to be his, look for 30 minutes and 13 points, 4 rebounds, 2 assists, and 2 combined blocks/steals from Henderson this year.

Spencer’s Thoughts

  • Henderson must expand his shooting range in order to take the next step in his offensive game, something that he has been working on hard during the off-season. Henderson also does attack the rim quite often, but doesn’t seem to get as many whistles as you would think. That could certainly change is he improves his outside shot. With stats comes respect in this league.
  • Defensively, Henderson is a great on ball defender and always seems to be in good position on the floor, making him an effective help defender as well. He’s the defensive stopper for the Bobcats against any opposing team’s best wing scorer. Bottom line, Henderson is the best overall defender the Bobcats have.
  • I think this is Henderson’s breakout season. 15 PTS, 5 REB, 2 AST per game is what he is capable of and I think that’s exactly what your going to see. Henderson averaged 14.3 PPG after the all-star break last season, now has less scoring talent beside him, and will be second in scoring maybe only to Corey Maggette who will likely miss more games than expected this season because of the physically demanding rate of 66-game schedule. Henderson’s rebounding rate will also rise due to the lack of length inside for the Bobcats and I expect Coach Silas to implement quite a few small ball lineups this season which will also help Henderson’s cause.

Mathew’s Thoughts

  • As touched on by Brett and Spencer, Gerald definitely needs to improve his 3-point shot in order to increase his offensive efficiency. With Kemba now in the fold and hopefully creating more drive and kick opportunities for his teammates, those around him need to capitalize on open looks beyond the arc.
  • With Maggette in the starting lineup, Coach Silas will depend on Gerald to defend the opponent’s best offensive wing player. He has the skills to be a top defender in the league, though whether a player actually gets there often depends on how much they value the distinction. Let’s hope Gerald does.