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Going to Never Win Land

Who: Dallas Mavericks vs Charlotte Bobcats
What: NBA Basketball – Mavericks Home Game
When: 11/3/12 at 8:30pm eastern
Where: Live at the American Airlines Center in Dallas

The Matchup: (Stats from 2011-12)

Record Offensive
Dallas 1-1 101.5 (22) 100.1 (8) 93.2 (12)
Charlotte 1-0 93.8 (30) 108.9 (30) 92.4 (19)

11-12 Meetings:
3/15/12 – 101-96 Dallas – Boxscore

Dallas: Dirk Nowitzki – OUT; Roddy Beaubois, Brandan Wright, and Chris Kaman – DTD
Charlotte: None

Starting Lineups

Mavericks Bobcats
PG Darren Collison Kemba Walker
SG O.J. Mayo Gerald Henderson
SF Shawn Marion Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
PF Elton Brand Byron Mullens
C Chris Kaman Brendan Haywood
6th Man Rodrigue Beaubois Tyrus Thomas

3-on-3 TrueHoop NetworkRunning a 2-on-3 today, as the Bobcats head to Dallas, to beat the one team in the NBA they have still yet to topple. Does 0-15 become 1-15, the night after ending a 23-game losing streak? Three questions to answer that one.
Will the Bobcats’ zone be as effective against a team (Dallas) that regularly uses it in their own D?

Spencer: Considering Dallas has the same amount of shooters to space the floor with as Indiana does, the Bobcats could presumably have success in the zone again tonight. That being said, Charlotte exerted a lot of emotion in last nights win and could come out flat tonight.

Brett: Dallas will probably execute a bit more effectively against the zone than the Pacers, but with Dirk out, and a front-line trio of Brand, Kaman, and Marion, the Mavs aren’t exactly prepared to lineup behind the arc and capitalize from deep. The Bobcats will have to make a strong effort on the defensive glass against that group though, with the zone opening up opportunities to hit the offensive glass.

Over/under: 42%, Kemba’s fg% tonight?

Spencer: Under. Carlisle will scheme a stop gap in the Dallas zone D to slow down Kemba’s penetration and I believe he’s going to be forced into more outside shots.

Brett: Under. Kemba had 48 games shooting under 42% last year, with just 18 above that mark. I’m playing the odds.

Do the Bobcats finally beat the Mavericks?

Spencer: No. Last night took a lot out of this team. Not to mention they probably flew to Dallas right after the game. I’m basing this purely on the idea that I don’t believe Bobcats will be able to play with as much energy tonight.

Brett: Probably not. The Mavs weren’t a great offensive team last year, but got it done defensively. As the Bobcats showed last night, shooting just 37% from the field, they still have a ways to go on offense. The Mavs will slow the Bobcats down enough to get another win, and extend their unblemished mark against Charlotte.