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Hornets Old Habits Kill Playoff Chances

The Hornets biggest game of the season was a perfect opportunity to put aside their faults and be in a position to sneak into the playoffs. Instead, we saw a team that repeated the same mistakes we have seen all year in a loss versus a Heat team who has effectively ended their hopes two seasons in a row now.
This game contained everything that Hornets fans have complained about this season in a nice 48 minute package. Kemba was the only one to attack on offense in the first half, dropping 14 points before the break. Even though the Heat were keying on him early, his intensity and fight were evident early and often. The lack of a real second scorer was evident though, as the other starters had a combined 17 points in the first half, bolstered by a buzzer-beater 3 from half court from Marvin Williams.
The Hornets trailed by only one at half, but the Heat continued to drain the wide open threes that we have seen from opponents all season. The Heat hit 11 in the first half, and followed that up by allowing 10 in the second half. The Heat shot 21 of 40 from downtown tonight, and outscored the Hornets 63 to 24 on points from those shots. I know Coach Clifford preaches keeping teams out of paint, but in today’s NBA, allowing good shooters wide open jumpers is a recipe for disaster. You can’t win and allow teams to shoot 53% from three.
I am not going to delve too deep into the stats, we all knew tonight was a must win, and the Hornets lost 112 to 99. All we can hope for is for the guys on this team to improve and added others who can bring the missing ingredients to get this team back to the playoffs. This team may be close, but they are a long way from having the athleticism and quickness to guard on the perimeter, and in a league that keeps trending to the 3 point line, changes in philosophy and personnel are obviously necessary.