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Hugo Gets a Refresh and Big Reveal in Charlotte

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Our beloved Hugo is back. Welcome home buddy. The Hornets trotted him around Charlotte on Thursday, showing off a brand new look that is a significant change from his NOLA days and even his former run in the Queen City.

Let’s rundown a few of the similarities and differences:

  • His essential shape and Muppet like features, derived from his original creator Cheryl Henson, daughter of Muppet creator Jim Henson, remained thankfully.
  • What didn’t remain was the yellow-orangish peach fuzz that rested between his antennae.
  • Speaking of the antennae they look sharper, slanted, more menacing than the ones with the balls on the end of them. I’m personally in favor of this change.
  • The stripes went from a blueish purple to a bright neon purple when Hugo moved to NOLA. Now his stripes match the darker royal purple the Hornets are sporting now.
  • In NOLA I always thought his mouth reminded me of this. Thankfully they shifted it down and I’m not afraid of being eaten.
  • The whites of his eyes got shifted on their axis again making him appear slightly more intimidating without scaring children (looking at you original Pierre)
  • It may just be my excitement and nostalgia but he looks a little trimmer. You been working out buddy?
  • Finally Hugo gets some respect tossed his way in the form of his name being stitched to his front side as opposed to the city name. He may have changed locations but he’ll always be Hugo.

What do you think of the new Hugo? Comment below. More on the Hugo reveal on this Friday’s edition of Hive Talk Live. Listen live at 6:30pm.