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If you want to rebuild…(pt II)

This idea seems kind of far-fetched and may make some players around the league wary of Charlotte…but the potential savings are too good to pass up.

So, here’s the combustible part:  Jason Terry’s got this year and one more on his contract.  But next season is not fully guaranteed – only $5 million is guaranteed until July 2011, at which point he has about $10.7 million coming his way for 2011-12 season.  Or that year vests if he plays 60 games and over 1500 minutes this year.  With 35 games and over 1100 minutes already under JET’s belt this early in the year, that unguaranteed money is starting to look like a safe bet (Information from ShamSports Mavericks Salary Page).

But what if the Bobcats traded for him – and benched him?  Yes, Terry would be very upset – and other players probably wouldn’t be particularly fond of the Bobcats business practices – but look at what a move for Terry could help the Bobcats trim from the bottom line:

Jason Terry won't like me for saying this

The Bobcats send out nearly $19 million in salary this year, and bring back just $15.8 million.  Savings of $1.6 million through the end of the season already.

Then, even if Terry’s deal does get guaranteed – the Bobcats would still come out way ahead, as Jackson and Gerald are due close to $40 million between them after this year (Crash’s last year is a player option – so make that 2 years a 3 in the graphic above).  $40 million – $11.7 mil Terry and Mahinmi would make next year = savings of over $28 million to the Bobcats.

If Terry were willing to take a buyout – that’s where things could get even better for Charlotte:  Terry would only count as much as his buyout against the Bobcats cap this year, giving them the chance to save a bit more money this year on top of the potential savings in the next season.

Does this seem like something you would be interested in? We go to you, first…

Dallas – I really don’t know – this would be a huge increased financial commitment, even for Mark Cuban.  An extra $1.6 million in salary this year plus the additional $3.2 million in salary tax payments.  Beyond this year – everything the Bobcats would be saving but in reverse.  No question it gives Dallas a better team – we can quibble on the fit of Jax versus JET for Dallas – but Gerald certainly tips the trade in Dallas favor talent wise – but good enough to guarantee a championship?  I wouldn’t make that guarantee.

Charlotte – Again, additional young talent would be good – would Charlotte be able to convince Dallas to include Rodrigue Beaubois in place of Cardinal?  Probably not – but they would need to ask and would almost have to have an additional young interesting player/draft pick to placate fans on this cost conscious move.  But $28 million in savings ($33 million if Terry’s contract never gets beyond the $5 million guarantee) is $28 million.

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