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Improving the site

It’s not a giant leap forward, but if you look at the header bar on the site now, you’ll see a new link available:  Roster.  From there, you can either select a player from a dropdown list of all players, or go to the Roster page itself, where you’ll be presented with a depth chart of current Bobcats.  The player pages contain some general information – a brief synopsis of the player, their #NBARank from the ESPN NBA ranking project (which I partook in), a stat or two about the player plus a link to their stats page here on QCH (which I’m working to revamp), thoughts from around the web, and then a widget of the player’s twitter account (if they have one).

As a basis for the new offering, this seemed like a good starting point – but is there some glaring oversight?  Please weigh in through the comments, and I’ll look to add sections that garner support.  And I do plan on these being updated periodically during the season, with new links to posts from around the web and updated interesting statistical tidbits.