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Kwame and Michael Together Again

Kwame Brown joins the Bobcats

This is how I found out about Kwame Brown joining the Bobcats – I log on to twitter and at the top of my feed was this bit about Michael Jordan and Kwame Brown. So, I assumed it was a joke, some temporary meme that was running its course on twitter. However, a quick scan down the rest of my timeline showed it was no gag, but was in fact reality.

Kwame's signing puts the Bobcats at 4 centers on the squad – one of whom I have confidence in taking a shot that is not a dunk (take a bow, Nazr). While it was certain the Bobcats are going to waive/trade Dampier, this makes it appear unlikely that he will be re-signed following his eventual waiving, as he had previously indicated an interest in doing.

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