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Why it makes sense for Larry Brown to make up his mind, like now

It’s been over a month since the Bobcats last game and about the same amount of time since Larry Brown has spoken to the media and said “I don’t want this to drag on” since then Philadelphia, New Orleans and likely now Chicago and New Jersey have hired head coaches meanwhile Brown’s future with Charlotte seems uncertain.

To his credit Brown has always said that he appreciates the opportunity Michael Jordan gave him after the New York debacle but his comments this week about “I’m here doing my job” don’t sound anything like a sound commitment. In this relationship the Bobcats are the eager girlfriend who’s looking for commitment despite the screams of her best friends that this guy “just isn’t that into you.”

While recent reports linking him to the LA Clippers open job have resurfaced three months after the initial rumors that he was angling for that job if Michael Jordan didn’t buy the Bobcats, the other concern for the team is that Larry will just retire. Certainly within his right but his indecisiveness is holding a franchise captive in a way only Brett Favre can appreciate.

If Brown is first in line for the LA Clippers job that likely won’t be settled until the summer of LeBron is complete. I don’t know anyone who thinks the Clippers have a chance of signing James even though the cap space is there but rumors persist that they will try anyway.

Given how things went on Team USA when Larry Brown was coach it’s unlikely Lebron would co-sign on the hiring but if Donald Sterling is just waiting to get turned down by the prettiest girl at the dance before another dalliance with Larry then this could drag on until mid-July. By then summer-league would have begun and most if not all of the coaches looking for work hired which would but the Bobcats in a tough place.

Larry Brown is a great coach and I don’t think there is another coach that can do as good of a job with this current Bobcats roster and that’s the problem. Brown has a peculiar taste in players, favoring the veteran blue-collar type over the younger unfinished variety. But I surmise a new coach would mean a new direction for the team building on youth.

There isn’t a better time to find those parts than the June 24th NBA draft where a late first round pick or early second could net you a Craig Brackins, Trevor Booker or Jordan Crawford. Phone calls would have to be made to discuss those deals and guys would need to be worked out and interviewed. Some of those things are happening but without a solid commitment from Brown what’s the point because a new coach would want to look at these guys himself to determine how they would fit.
Even without making a move into the draft the likely undrafted free agents that the Bobcats are bringing in would certainly differ with a new coach at the helm and the decision on whether to re-sign Raymond Felton and who to target in free agency would be contingent on whatever philosophy the new coach would have.

This is all speculation and I have no idea what’s going through Larry Brown’s mind and by training camp this could all be irrelevant but I do know the longer this drags on the worse it is for the Bobcats, if Brown decides to leave.

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