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Making a change

The site looks different – and hopefully better. After a significant amount of consideration and hand-wringing, I decided to switch from my homegrown website to a wordpress supported one. There are a few reasons for this:
1. Comments – Despite putting large chunks of time into fixing the commenting system previously, I was still getting reports of users’ comments disappearing into the ether. That should not be an issue now – though spammers have already found this new back-end and being inundating me with worthless comments for weeks now.
2. Ease of posting – I won’t go into all the details, but my homegrown blogging solution was not ideal and did not make it simple to knock out a new post on a whim.
3. A new look – The site had been up for a while and I was ready to look at something different.

One thing to note: I have started converting the various stats pages over to the new layout but I have not finished that yet. The plan is to get them done before the start of the regular season when they would be getting updated with new data. So, right now there are some links in the stats that will lead you to nothing – it’s temporary: I am not stopping the publishing/distribution of the statistics I collect.

The idea is to make it easier for me to post, easier for you to comment, and improve the readability of the site. I feel like this change will achieve all 3 of these goals. A new look for Queen City Hoops in time for a new season of Charlotte Bobcats basketball.