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Matt Carroll Previewed for 2011-12

Matt Carroll’s Strengths

  • Still a good shot from deep (and the free throw line) – but not drawing enough fouls to offset his over-reliance on midrange jumpers

Matt Carroll’s Weaknesses

  • Slowing with age is impacting him at both ends.  Never a good defender, starting to become bad.  At offensive end, he doesn’t get to the line as often as used to.

Matt Carroll Forecast

  • With Reggie Williams signed, it seemed Carroll was destined to spot minutes.  With Reggie Williams injured, Matt could be Gerald Henderson’s backup.  They score at a comparable rate (and because Matt doesn’t shoot as many 3s as his percentages suggest he should, their efficiencies aren’t that different), so the Bobcats don’t lose much offensively when he comes in.
  • But at the defensive end, it’s a big change, and for that reason, expect the Bobcats to be limiting his minutes to spots where he can be hidden on defense and can contribute end of quarter scoring.  10 minutes a game last year – I don’t see that changing much, so 4 points and decent shooting percentages (fg%, 3fg%, ft%, not so much TS%), but nothing else.

Mathew’s Thoughts

  • Why would a guy with a great shot and legitimate range fail to shoot enough 3’s? Please tell us Matt! Carroll is a 3-point threat and not much else; thus, he should be jacking it up with regularity in comparison to his 2-point attempts.
  • Carroll could be another beneficiary of Kemba’s ability to get in the paint, which should create open shots for Matt when he’s in the game. Let’s hope Coach Silas and Co. are reading QCH so Carroll’s standing behind the arc.

Spencer’s Thoughts

  • Matt Carroll should certainly take way more 3’s than he actually does, but my theory behind the reason he doesn’t rest in the fact that Carroll doesn’t have a very quick release with his shot. If he did, this guy would be able to create his own shot easier and be a much more effective player offensively. That being said, if the Bobcats can pick up the tempo in the open court and spread the floor more this season then Carroll will find more open shots from deep, especially in the absence of Reggie Williams, who isn’t expected back until early February.
  • Defensively, Carroll just isn’t quick enough to guard hardly anyone and the age factor (31) isn’t helping at all. Carroll does have good court awareness and is rarely out of position on defense, but when he’s matched up against athletic, scoring minded wings is when he is really exposed.
  • Until Reggie Williams heals from his knee surgery then Carroll will see anywhere from 15-20 MPG. This may be a scary thought for many Bobcats fans, but Carroll can ignite a spark in any offense in this league with his deadly accurate shot and that’s a valuable asset to a team that doesn’t have a lot of scoring options.