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For all the UNC fans…

I know last year there was some discussion about “why won’t the Bobcats sign McCants?” when the team was looking for backcourt help. Rashad McCants remains unemployed at this time and the Bobcats have just 2 shooting guards on the roster – one is Stephen Jackson, who soaks up minutes like a sponge. The other is Gerald Henderson, a young lottery pick that the Bobcats need to give time in order for him to develop. So, I do not necessarily think McCants would be a good fit in the Queen City – and this article from ESPN – The Magazine does nothing to change that:

But he knows the NBA isn’t waiting for him. He knows it’s his move. “You know,” McCants begins slowly, “if they want me to smile … I’ll do it.” He sits back in his chair and promptly undermines the declaration he has just made. “But I won’t ever change being me.”
Rashad McCants is born to hated, dying to be loved from ESPN the Magazine (insider required)

I know the guy can play – I saw a lot of his games when he was at UNC. But things like this make it tough to think he would fit in with the Bobcats, playing little.

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