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Melvin Ely back, previewed for 2011-12

Melvin Ely has come back to the Queen City.  And that makes three current Bobcats who were former Bobcats for a spell (Matt Carroll and Derrick Brown the others).  Considering their short history, impressive work by the Bobcats in preserving their history and going for the expansion team feel again.

Melvin Ely’s strengths

  • Height and weight are above average for an NBA player (overall, not by position – had to have something)
  • Rebounds decently at the offensive end, a 6 in the category for last season, right in line with career mark

Melvin Ely’s weaknesses

  • Scoring (his efficient scoring last season was an outlier to the bulk of his career, but I had to give him credit in the chart)
  • Defense – man, team, defensive rebounding, all below average


  • Melvin will get time if he stays healthy because the Bobcats need some size.  But don’t expect much – he was not good when he was a Bobcat previously and he is now on the other side of 30
  • Meh

Thoughts from Mathew

  • Ely was more than likely brought in as a guy to play 10-15 MPG and spell the likes of Diaw and Thomas.
  • He’s not a threat to score on the offensive side of the court, as evidenced by his usage rate of 9.0% (league average of 16.3% for Centers).
  • He also struggles on the boards, where he is often overmatched size-wise.
  • If the Bobcats get 10 MPG, a few boards, and the use of 2-3 of his personal fouls, I think they’ll take it.

Thoughts from Spencer

  • I don’t know what else to say about this signing except that he’s a big body (6’10, 260 lbs) that will be able to give Diaw and Thomas breaks from having to defend bigger 5’s down low.
  • Ely is not a good rebounding center that has only AVG. 3.3 REB/16 min in his career. Those numbers could possibly increase a little bit because he’ll see increased minutes and could be the only consistently healthy center the Bobcats have this season.
  • Offensively, Ely did show some spark in 05-06 with the Bobcats as he AVG. 9.8 PPG and shot 51% from the field. He played 23.6 MPG that season for Charlotte, and although he won’t quite see that much time this year, I’d still expect to see him get 17-18 MPG. You simply cannot go small but for so long in the league before being extremely exposed trying to defend around the rim and competing on the glass.