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MLK Matinee: 3-on-3 Preview Bobcats vs. Cavs

3-on-3 TrueHoop Network 1- Kemba or Augustin: Who will Silas matchup on Kyrie Irving (13th among PG’s TS%  56.2%) defensively today?

Spencer Percy: KEMBA- He has a knack to stay in front of his man of defense, good a drawing offensive fouls with anticipation and plays with a lot more energy than Augustin on that end of the floor. Simply put, Kemba has a much better chance of keeping Irving out of the lane on the dribble-drive than Augustin does.

Brett Hainline: Kemba – Kemba is quicker and has quicker hands than D.J., and may be able to disrupt the Cavs offense a bit more.  This Bobcats team is not good at forcing turnovers for the most part, but Kemba has a solid steal rate of 1.8, more than double D.J. Augustin’s.

Mathew Lewis: Kemba. I think Coach Silas gives Walker the opportunity to match up against the fellow rookie. Hopefully it brings the best out of Kemba and he’s able to build upon the success he experienced Saturday night.

2- FACT or FICTION: Diaw will continue to come off the bench today as Bobcats have found their new starting lineup with Augustin, Kemba, Hendo, Thomas, Mullens.

Spencer Percy: FACT. If the Bobcats show the ability to generate more offense and play harder on the defensive end with this lineup then Diaw may be stuck coming off the bench for good, barring injury for someone. Expect to see much more zone from the new starting 5.

Brett Hainline: FACT. Boris did not do anything to regain a starting spot, with just 4 fga attempts in 20+ minutes against Golden State, and Byron and Tyrus remain young and in need of playing time to develop.

Mathew Lewis: FACT. The youth movement is one. And, you know, Diaw hasn’t done much lately to deserve the starting spot either.

3- Pick it; Bobcats or Cavs: Cavaliers look to get their third road victory in final contest of 7-game road trip while the Bobcats are trying to make it two in a row at the Cable Box.

Spencer Percy: Bobcats. If Kemba can just keep Irving at bay from getting into paint and in the open court for run-outs then this one will be close. Keys to a win: Limit turnovers (12 or less). Win rebounding category. Shoot 47.5% or better from the field.

Brett Hainline: Bobcats.  This Cleveland team is not great at offense or defense, but they’re respectable at both – 13th in offensive efficiency, 14th in defensive.  That’s significantly above the Bobcats, who are near the bottom of the league in both.  But I’ll be an optimist today and say Charlotte carries over some of the energy from Saturday night and gets another win.

Mathew Lewis: Bobcats. The Bobcats honor the Charlotte fans as well as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with a victory at TWC Arena.