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NBA Draft Combine: Was anything revealed?

The 2012 NBA Draft combine in Chicago last week displayed many players that the Bobcats may not have on their radar for the #2 pick, but that may change if the team is able to move down in the draft by moving the #2 selection. Also, Charlotte has the 31st overall selection to prepare for as well.

Players such as Damian Lilliard, Perry Jones III, Terrence Jones, John Henson, Jared Sullinger, Myles Leonard, Terrence Ross, Moe Harkless and my personal favorite, Dion Waiters,  were all showcased in drills over a two-day period as scouts, coaches and GM’s watched. As I watched the combine in it’s entirety I realized how deep this draft is when you get past Anthony Davis. Yes, Davis is the only player in this draft that is a sure franchise changer, but the depth of solid talent that could step in and impact NBA team’s as early as next season run deep into the second round.

For the Bobcats and Rich Cho, he was likely there to see more backend lottery potentials due to the fact that the team is actively shopping the #2 pick for numerous lottery/first round picks. Portland with #6 & #11, Cleveland with #4 & #24, Houston with #14 & #16, and Memphis willing to potentially trade Rudy Gay for Charlotte’s #2 pick are all being thrown around as rumors. Alex Kennedy, from HoopsWorld.com reported today that the Bobcats are actively trying to trade the #2 pick, but one league source claims they’re asking “too much” for the pick. That shouldn’t surprise anyone. ‘Too much’ is likely suggesting that Charlotte is searching for numerous picks and a salary dump by moving Tyrus Thomas, Gana Diop or Corey Maggette.

ESPN’s Chad Ford also reported today that he’s hearing “Harrison Barnes is now in the mix for the Bobcats at #2.” That’s neither here nor there at the moment, but also shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Below is a segmented clip of the draft combine with the NBA ESPN cast talking about the Bobcats situation with the #2 pick and also what will happen with their salary cap issues this summer. Not a very optimistic crowd discussing Charlotte basketball here, but they are experts who have forecasted these days coming for the Bobcats for quite some time. Watch and digest what is being said to try and better understand what Charlotte’s realistic options will be in this draft and this off-season.