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NBA Playbook says Run

Sebastian at NBAPlaybook has taken a thorough look at the Bobcats transition activity (and personnel) and would kindly ask the Bobcats to push the tempo just a little more often. Well worth a read and look (lots of video) – Charlotte Bobcats need to get out and run more.

It was the offensive end where the Bobcats struggled. According to Synergy, their offense was ranked 22nd in the league with just .92 points per possession. If Charlotte wants see their offense to improve, they really need to try and get out in transition more, where the Bobcats really excel. The Bobcats were ranked 1st in terms of points per possession scoring 1.23 points per every possession the Bobcats got out and ran. However, they didn’t run much. According to Synergy, transition plays account for just 12.1% of their offense.

A couple of thoughts (and Bassy’s reply):
– The Bobcats’ transition plays accounts for 12.1% of their plays – where did that mark rank overall? Just trying to figure out how much room the Bobcats actually have to improve. With a large part of the defense relying on forcing turnovers, I would expect them to be running often off those.
(Sebastian) – They don’t have a rank listed for % of total possessions. I did compare them to the high pace teams you think of off the top of your head (Magic, Hawks, Raptors, Warriors) and they are below them by a full % or 2, which at least to me tells me that there is room for improvement.

– I agree with Stephen Jackson, the Geralds, and Tyrus being built for transition – but Boris Diaw might apply to. Less in build, but in skill set. When Boris is at the 4, the Bobcats can have 1-4 run the break – when he is the center, the Bobcats have the potential that whoever grabs the rebound, 1 through 5, can start the break. Seems worth mentioning.

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