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  • Goodbye, Cleveland

    By Brett on July 9, 2010
    With LeBron James joining the Southeast Division, it seemed appropriate to at least post something, as it directly impacts the Bobcats. For now – this image is all I have to say. Click here to comment/view comments for this post.
  • Bobcats mentioned in trade talks

    By Brett on July 8, 2010
    Chad Ford and Marc Stein have reported that sources say the Bobcats have been pulled into trade discussions surrounding Chris Bosh – not for his services, but to facilitate a sign and trade between Toronto and Miami, and also involving Houston. The proposed deal, sources said, would send Beasley and Rockets forward Jared Jeffries to Charlotte, land Bobcats center Tyson […]
  • Praise for some Bobcats in Orlando

    By Brett on July 7, 2010
    Zach Harper has been following the proceedings down in Orlando – and weighs in with a mammoth post on the happenings: Orlando Summer League Rookie Report. While the title specifies rookies, a few “veteran” Bobcats get mention: Derrick Brown/Gerald Henderson combo: This should be outlawed for Summer League. These guys are clearly too advanced to be here. The Bobcat rookies […]
  • From Larry Brown’s Playbook

    By Brett on June 29, 2010
    And now to take a page from Larry Brown’s playbook – the literal one, not the one he uses for employment negotiations. Zak Boisvert runs a feature through his twitter feed called “Daily Chalkboard” – and today, it was time to look at a set from Larry Brown. A very cool and informative look at a common Bobcats’ set – […]
  • Nothing Happened

    By Brett on June 25, 2010
    Photo from Quitor.com There was a lot of talk leading up to the draft about how the Bobcats wanted to get involved – maybe even finding a way into the first round. But nothing happened. The current roster for next season: Alexis Ajinca D.J. Augustin Derrick Brown Tyson Chandler Boris Diaw DeSagana Diop Raymond Felton – unrestricted free agent Gerald […]
  • Stay Still, Bobcats

    By Brett on June 22, 2010
    The site has been fairly quiet of late – partly because I have been working on some other projects and partly because there is not much news right now for the Bobcats: Larry Brown is still the coach – no player has broken anything – and the Bobcats do not have any picks in this year's draft. And David of […]
  • Why it makes sense for Larry Brown to make up his mind, like now

    By James on June 11, 2010
    It’s been over a month since the Bobcats last game and about the same amount of time since Larry Brown has spoken to the media and said “I don’t want this to drag on” since then Philadelphia, New Orleans and likely now Chicago and New Jersey have hired head coaches meanwhile Brown’s future with Charlotte seems uncertain. To his credit […]
  • Derrick Brown – 09-10 Review

    By Brett on June 9, 2010
    Those two videos pretty well sum up my thoughts on Derrick Brown's rookie year – he tries to dunk everything. And that is a good thing – while he does not quite have the heft of a 4 yet, he has the right mentality for playing near the hoop – go strong. That attacking attitude helped Derrick get to the […]
  • Gerald Henderson – 09-10 Review

    By Brett on May 26, 2010
    A shooting guard who cannot shoot – at least not so far. It may seem harsh, but that was my take on Gerald Henderson this past season. And it lined up with what he did at Duke – a lot of long two point attempts, not a lot of makes. As soon as I started thinking about reviewing Henderson, I […]
  • Alexis Ajinca – 09-10 Review

    By Brett on May 18, 2010
    Ok – I started with Diop (a couple of weeks ago) but I will try to make it a little more coherent this go around. Oh, and now that the first one is out of the way – these are going to come in the order of their standing as the Bobcats MVP, starting at the bottom. Nothing against DeSagana […]