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  • BOOM: ESPN’s NBA Preview Covers from Marvel

    By Brett on October 21, 2010
    (Insider)ESPN: Gallery of Eastern Conference Covers. Tiny preview: I want to buy and frame a copy of this for my game room. Would you expect anything different from a guy who created a pair of custom Converses based on Wolverine’s (comic book) uniform? (And I think I am going to go with “BOOM:” in the post titles for these quick […]
  • Charlotte Bobcats 2010-11 Preview: The Internet Says Part 2

    By Brett on October 20, 2010
    (The Basketball Jones) TBJ Season Preview: Charlotte Bobcats – Totally worth the watch just for the Mystery Chest item at the end. More ESPN Insider Season Preview coverage: NBA – 2010-11 Southeast Division Preview – You have to click on the Bobcats logo, as it defaults to the Miami Heat. Best-case scenario: “Whatever the magic number is to get into […]
  • Making a change

    By Brett on October 19, 2010
    The site looks different – and hopefully better. After a significant amount of consideration and hand-wringing, I decided to switch from my homegrown website to a wordpress supported one. There are a few reasons for this: 1. Comments – Despite putting large chunks of time into fixing the commenting system previously, I was still getting reports of users’ comments disappearing […]
  • Charlotte Bobcats 2010-2011 Preview: The Internet Says

    By Brett on October 13, 2010
    From NBAPlaybook – 2010-2011 Season Preview: Charlotte Bobcats: While I think the Bobcats are better suited if they run the basketball more, I just don’t know if it will happen this year. As I mentioned before, they have the wings/bigs to facilitate a running style, but they really lack a point guard who can be successful in a running system. […]
  • Moving On

    By James on September 23, 2010
    There's no easy way to say it but this is my last official entry on Queen City Hoops as I've accepted a position with the Bobcats Radio Network as a Halftime and Post-game host. I appreciate Brett giving me the opportunity to fill up a few pages with my musings on this team and the NBA no matter how elementary […]
  • NBA Playbook says Run

    By Brett on September 16, 2010
    Sebastian at NBAPlaybook has taken a thorough look at the Bobcats transition activity (and personnel) and would kindly ask the Bobcats to push the tempo just a little more often. Well worth a read and look (lots of video) – Charlotte Bobcats need to get out and run more. It was the offensive end where the Bobcats struggled. According to […]
  • Reasons for concern? pt. 2

    By Brett on September 8, 2010
    A quick background on the idea for these posts before I jump into the numbers – the idea came when I was trying to figure out just how much the departure of Tyson Chandler was going to hurt the Bobcats. I pulled up the Swap Tool and plugged Tyson and Nazr in – and the results surprised me. The Bobcats […]
  • TrueHoop on Jordan’s Ownership

    By Brett on September 3, 2010
    Grab a second cup of coffee or maybe print it out and carry it with you to lunch – but make sure to read this piece from Henry Abbott about Michael Jordan’s Bobcats: Michael Jordan’s Bobcat comeback. A quick excerpt: When Jordan bought the team, there was discussion of more major changes to come. One was changing the name of […]
  • Reasons for concern?

    By Brett on August 30, 2010
    This off-season has been a fairly standard for one for the Bobcats in one facet: Change. As a team, the Bobcats have dealt with roster turnover quite regularly for the last couple of seasons. This summer was no different, as two starters from last off-season are no longer with the franchise. I am talking about Tyson Chandler and Raymond Felton, […]
  • Kwame and Michael Together Again

    By Brett on August 24, 2010
    This is how I found out about Kwame Brown joining the Bobcats – I log on to twitter and at the top of my feed was this bit about Michael Jordan and Kwame Brown. So, I assumed it was a joke, some temporary meme that was running its course on twitter. However, a quick scan down the rest of my […]