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    • Summer League 2008 – Game 3

      By Brett on July 16, 2008

      Jotting notes as I watched a much improved NBA.com broadcast (thank you, NBA):-1st quarter was tough to watch, with the Cats having 10! turnovers. Seemed like during the last 5 minutes of the quarter, there were zero decent looks as they could barely move the ball.-Augustin is creating opportunities,...

    • Scratch That, Emeka

      By Brett on July 13, 2008

      Emeka, remember about 10 days ago when I asked you to follow Elton Brand's example, and sign for less money to help the team? (Here's the post, “Are you listening Emeka?”) Well, scratch the part about being like Elton Brand. I guess you should be more like Gilbert Arenas...

    • Summer League 2008 – Day One and Two

      By Brett on July 13, 2008

      Ok – First things first. The quality of the feed on NBA.com is horrendous. Even worse? Today, there was a insert of the scoreboard at the top of the screen – but the scoreboard was not being used. There are no announcers for the feed, just the arena announcer....

    • Summer League 2008 Warmup

      By Brett on July 4, 2008

      I will not be able to do a daily recap of the Bobcats' summer league games this year, but I will do a full review after the week is over. With that in my mind, for anything you see and hear next week, just remember: Gabe Muoneke scored 31...

    • I am sorry, Seattle

      By Brett on July 2, 2008

      The NBA: Where “Our Fans Are The Key” Happens. (Look at the picture).Click here to comment/view comments for this post.

    • Are you listening Emeka?

      By Brett on July 2, 2008

      It appears Baron Davis will sign a 5 year, $65 million contract to join Elton Brand and the Los Angeles Clippers (story from ESPN here). Whoop-de-doo, right? What does this have to do with the Bobcats? Well, I hope it might act as an example to a certain Bobcats...

    • 2008 Draft Recap for Charlotte Bobcats – Alexis Ajinca

      By Brett on June 30, 2008

      A little more info on the Charlotte Bobcat's second selection, at the 20th spot, Alexis Ajinca. As mentioned previously, he is really tall and really, really long – 7-1 height, 7-8 wingspan. Which means two things: He can dunk without jumping (well, almost) and he can block shots (without...

    • 2008 Draft Recap – DJ Augustin – Continued

      By Brett on June 28, 2008

      As expected, the Bobcats first pick of the draft is a bit of a hot topic right now. Upside and Motor likes the pick, does not love it – One reason is because Lopez is not a great fit with the Cats as Emeka has more of a 5's...

    • 2008 Draft Recap for Charlotte Bobcats – DJ Augustin

      By Brett on June 27, 2008

      My initial reaction last night to the Augustin pick was not one of delight, to say the least. The selection was met with a large amount of surprise and derision in the live blog last night, with a few snippets re-printed here: Corndogg – Hey, at least this means...

    • 2008 Draft Quick Recap for Charlotte Bobcats

      By Brett on June 27, 2008

      At 9, the Bobcats drafted DJ Augustin, the 5-11 point guard from Texas. The pre-draft profile I did is here: Prospect Profile DJ Augustin. Not convinced I am happy with this pick – though I was not crazy about Brook Lopez, I feel better about his ability to contribute...