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    • 2008 Draft Quick Recap for Charlotte Bobcats

      By Brett on June 27, 2008

      At 9, the Bobcats drafted DJ Augustin, the 5-11 point guard from Texas. The pre-draft profile I did is here: Prospect Profile DJ Augustin. Not convinced I am happy with this pick – though I was not crazy about Brook Lopez, I feel better about his ability to contribute...

    • 2008 SBNation NBA Draft Live Blog

      By Brett on June 26, 2008

      It is over now – but I think you can view the contents. Fair warning – some posters used adult language, so earmuffs. About 8 hours worth of chatting – and only a handful of happy people.Follow the live blog here. or the Original of it at RidiculousUpside

    • Bobcats Draft Notes – 06/26/2008

      By Brett on June 26, 2008

      The Bobcats add a 2nd 1st round pick – or less confusingly, the Bobcats now have 2 first round picks this year (and none at some point in the future). Here is Bonnell twice: The Basics of the trade – The Bobcats get Denvers pick, the 20th spot in...

    • I am a link manager – 06/24/08

      By Brett on June 24, 2008

      Draft-centric links for today: The BobcatsPlanet Draft Talk Forum – All the latest rumors, workout info, and mock draft info gets discussed there – so if you want to stay current… Ridiculous Upside breaks down what your favorite prospect says about you – No mention of my current man-crush,...

    • The Bobcats Against the Best – 2007-08 Version

      By Brett on June 23, 2008

      In an effort to pass the time before the draft, I will revisit a post idea – The Bobcats Against the NBA's Best (Part 1) and Part 2. With another season complete, and 3 new (well, a fair amount of overlap, but freshly annointed) All-NBA teams, now is a...

    • 8 Ways to Become Champs

      By Brett on June 19, 2008

      With the NBA Finals concluding this week, it seemed now would be a good time to reflect on the successes of the Celtics, Lakers, and other premier teams to see what insight the Bobcats might gain into becoming a contender. As the Lakers and Celtics showed with their success...

    • Bobcats' Lineups By Month in 2007-08

      By Brett on June 18, 2008

      Not much in the way of analysis being offered tonight. Instead, I will just throw a bunch of numbers at you, and see what you all make of it. Below is a month by month breakdown of the most extensively used lineups. To be included, the group of players...

    • Prospect Profile – Joe Alexander

      By Brett on June 17, 2008

      Quick follow up to yesterday's post: I wound up selecting Joe Alexander, as Bayless went at 7 to the Clippers and the Bucks snatched Randolph at 8 (again, see full details at Ridiculous Upside – you can even read where I got defensive of the pick in the comments)....

    • Mock Draft Time – Input Needed

      By Brett on June 16, 2008

      I am participating in a blogger mock draft, representing the Bobcats. So far, there are 6 picks in, and two of the guys I most wanted to see fall to the cats, Love and Westbrook, are gone. But maybe that is good? Check out Ridiculous Upside for the proceedings....

    • Trading For Sheed?

      By Brett on June 15, 2008

      Ok, I have put off linking to this article until I had made my mind up about it. But, seeing how it is approaching a week since it was posted, here it is: Chad Ford comes up with Trades for Detroit. #4 on his possible trades list? Charlotte, with...