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  • Who Will Start at Center for the Hornets?

    By Richie Randall on July 22, 2016
    A team’s starters doesn’t equate to the five best players, nor does it mean that it’s the best player at each position. When constructing a starting unit, style of play and fit must be a consideration. The starting five must complement each other and connect well together. I suspect that Kemba, Batum, Kidd-Gilchrist, and Marvin will assume their starting roles. The center position is […]
  • Hornets Pay Up, Will it Pay Off?

    By Joe Messineo on July 18, 2016
    It is hard to play successful basketball in the NBA when a team’s two highest paid, big-money free agent players have career scoring averages under 15 points per game apiece. With the re-signing of Nicolas Batum and Marvin Williams that is the situation the Charlotte Hornets are in for the 2016-17 season. However, Charlotte doesn’t win games like everyone else. […]
  • Hornets sign Christian Wood; detailing the acquisition

    By Richie Randall on July 15, 2016
    An undrafted player who spent much of last season in the D-League isn’t on many people’s radar. So when the Charlotte Hornets signed Christian Wood, I’m sure it did little to excite the fan base. After becoming familiar with Wood, this addition can prove to be an underrated one. Here’s why… Christian Wood is a 6’11” power-forward out of UNLV. Wood entered the 2015 Draft after his […]
  • Hornets Free-Agency Recap: QCH 3-on-3 panel weighs in

    By Spencer Percy on July 8, 2016
    The Hornets had a huge off-season, and did anyone ever seriously doubt that Rich Cho would get it right? I certainly didn’t, and he proved me (and most others) right. Most knew Lin was gone, and suspected that the team wasn’t seriously considering retaining Courtney Lee — both proved to be true. Al Jefferson was always only going to stay in […]
  • Ramon Sessions coming back to Charlotte; Hornets hunt for center

    By Spencer Percy on July 4, 2016
    After being an integral part of Charlotte’s success in ’13-’14, Ramon Sessions is returning to play in the Queen City. The Hornets have reportedly signed Sessions to a two-year deal worth $12.3-million. It’s unclear whether or not this deal will have an option during the second year of the contract, but it does appear that Charlotte has used their cap-space, […]
  • Marvin Williams Signs Four-Year, $54 Million Extension With Charlotte

    By Greg Pietras on July 2, 2016
    Marvin Williams is back in the fold, signing a four-year, $54 million deal to return to Charlotte. The deal includes a player option for the fourth season. The contract is under market value, with Williams taking a discount to remain with the team. The Brooklyn Nets reportedly offered a deal averaging $15 million a year but, like Nicolas Batum, Marvin took less […]
  • Hornets Free-Agency Day-One: Batum agrees to five-year deal with Charlotte

    By Spencer Percy on July 1, 2016
    Around 4:00am this morning Rich Cho delivered on his largest task since taking the General Manager job for Charlotte by re-signing 27-year old French wingman Nic Batum to a five-year, $120-million contract. The total amount sounds like a lot, and it is, but it’s actually not Batum’s max-deal. At the max level that Batum would’ve qualified for, the first year […]
  • Hornets Free-Agency Primer: Previewing the frenzy

    By Spencer Percy on June 29, 2016
    We’re now less than 48 hours from free-agency 2016. The Hornets undoubtedly have as big of an off-season as any team in the NBA, and their success, or lack thereof, in the next few weeks will dictate the trajectory of this franchise. I joined WFNZ’s ‘The Mac Attack’ this morning to preview the Hornets free-agency circus that is surely coming. […]
  • Hornets Swap 22nd Pick For Kings’ Marco Belinelli

    By Greg Pietras on June 23, 2016
    After all the build-up to the draft, the Hornets’ night ended early. Charlotte swapped its first-round pick, 22nd overall, to the Sacramento Kings for Marco Belinelli. The nine-year veteran wing has two years and $12.66 million left on his contract, improving Charlotte’s depth but adding to the complexity of re-signing their free agents. Charlotte had interest in signing Belinelli last offseason, but he’s a bit of a reclamation […]
  • Hornets Draft Buzz: Among numerous unknowns, there lies an answer

    By Spencer Percy on June 22, 2016
    Let me preface this final Hornets Draft Buzz column by stating that nobody has much of a feel for what the hell is actually going to happen after the first two picks tomorrow night. There are going to be plenty of surprises – that much I do know. There are going to be trades in the next 24 hours. That’s […]