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Photo Hunt: Find the problem (and the defense)

This is one of the plays from the Bobcats-Bulls game the other night that bugged me.  Early in the game, Kemba Walker was being aggressive defensively, getting up on his man and pressuring the ball.  Now look at these pictures from the second half:

Byron Mullens is helping on Richard Hamilton as he comes around a screen from Carlos Boozer, with D.J. Augustin chasing behind Rip.
Notice how much space Kemba is giving C.J. Watson – 6 feet or so, maybe?  And hands down at his sides.

This next picture shows the result:

With no one making life difficult for him, Watson is able to thread a bounce pass by the recovering Mullens, with no other Bobcat even waving at the ball as it goes by.  Gerald Henderson was guilty of being a spectator as well as Kemba, though Kemba still bears the brunt of the blame for his passive “defense” on this possession.

Boozer converts the pass into a layup and a foul on Mullens – so, Byron is the Bobcat who looks bad in the boxscore, but in this instance he was actually playing decent team defense and his teammates let him down.