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Ping-Pong balls summon Bobcats to pick 4th

Charlotte was given a small dose of disappointing news tonight when we found out that the team will select 4th next month in the NBA draft.

There’s good and bad news here. The bad news first — well, it’s rather self-explanatory. Once again, the Bobcats had an opportunity to land it’s first #1 overall selection ever. The good news is that this summers draft is presumably filled with role players on the next level. There will obviously be some very good players in the NBA from this draft, but it’s very unclear who that’ll be and cannot be said that Charlotte won’t find that diamond in the rough at #4. This will be the teams 4th pick in the top-4 in their 9 year existence.

A few names that quickly pop into my mind are Victor Oladipo, Alex Len and Anthony Bennett. Out of these three players, only one worked out in the draft combine in Chicago last weekend – Oladipo, and he dazzled. I wrote a month ago about why I think Charlotte should draft Olapdipo. Victor is one of the most elite athletes in this draft, impacts the game in as many ways as anyone on the board and has as good of a character as you will find. On top of that, Oladipo has arguably one of the biggest upsides of any player in this draft due to the way he impacts the game on both ends — an excellent/energetic defender that scores with his above average jump shot + elite finisher at the rim. The obvious upsides of Len and Noel, due to their size, is well documented.