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Queen City Hoops Twitter Chat for tonight’s game

Tonight during the Bobcats-Heat game Queen City Hoops will be in Time Warner Cable Arena again and hosting a Twitter chat with the hashtag #bobcatschat.

Wherever you are watching the game, just jump on twitter and join QCH by typing in #bobcatschat. We will be constantly updating stats from the game, engaging the audience by posting questions, entertain questions you might have, and hopefully making the chat as much of a hands on experience for you, the audience, watching the game at home. We will be trying to do this over at QCH for as many games as possible to get you guys more involved with the game, even if you can’t be there.

#Bobcatschat conversation will start up about 3 hours before the game, so go ahead and get involved in the conversation early.

If you don’t already follow any of the Queen City Hoops writers on Twitter please go ahead and do that before tonight.

Brett Hainline- @BrettQChoops

Spencer Percy- @QCsportscrave

Mathew Lewis- @MathewSlewis