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Ranking the Bobcats

ESPN is nearing the end of their now yearly NBARank project, but the Bobcats have been finished for a while now. Here’s a consolidated listing of the Bobcats and their ranking, along with a note on each from Spencer and myself. Enjoy. (And a link to the first posting of the NBARank on ESPN.com)

Player Rank Thoughts
Bismack Biyombo 222 Brett:  Went from 301 to 222 and will still be just 20 this season

Spencer:  Very young and a very high ceiling. This ranking should continue to drastically improve.

Matt Carroll 446 B:  Seems high

S:  Last season was dreadful- no question he’s a better shooter than what he displayed. As far as the rank…whatever.

Gana Diop 440 B:  Shouldn’t be above The Hammer

S:  Definitely should be ranked lowest on this roster. Carrol and Diop should be flipped.

Ben Gordon 154 B:  With the potentially expanded role on the Bobcats, he could go back up next year

S:  His usage in Charlotte will be interesting, but as Brett said, this ranking could certainly rise.

Brendan Haywood 260 B:  The Bobcats best option at center at 260 – yay

S:  No question this ranking will rise and it’s probably a little too low.

Gerald Henderson 184 B:  Would be a lot better if there wasn’t a three point line

S:  With Taylor and MKG, it’s starting to look like Hendo may not be in the future plans. He’s been improving every year and I expect that to continue this season.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist 128 B:  We have our winner

S:  I understand he was the #2 pick in the draft, but MKG is not the best player on this roster.

Byron Mullens 317 B:  A big jump, from 462 to 317 (if the season had ended after a month, it would have been much higher)

S:  Big jump in rank and well deserved. Playing time this season will depend on improved effort and decision making.

Ramon Sessions 146 B:  Of the Bobcats top 5 players, 3 are imports

S:  Could end up leading this team in scoring and be team’s starting PG by season’s end. That would be a good scenario for Bobcats, but just saying.

Jeff Taylor 416 B:  An old rookie – I expect a jump in his rank next year, and then it steadying off

S:  Really excited about this kid.

Tyrus Thomas 253 B:  Down from 123 (and 253 seems high after watching him play last year)

S:  Could drop 100 more spots, or could gain 100 back. Impossible to predict with this headcase.

Kemba Walker 199 B:  The Bobcats starting point guard is slotted as about a 7th man by NBARank

S:  More scoring weapons surround him on this roster now and I expect a huge improvement as a PG this season. He’ll crack the top 125 next season.

Reggie Williams 283 B:  One of a handful of players who did not move in rank – fitting, considering his brief time on court due to injuries and conditioning

S:  Got to get into playing shape. Considering half of his tweets consist of where his next meal will be isn’t encouraging.