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Ranking the wings

With Corey Maggette’s injury issues so far this year, the Bobcats have been a bit more unsettled at the position than expected, with Derrick Brown seeing more time than expected there, and Tyrus Thomas playing the 3 in some larger lineups.  Gerald Henderson rounds out the Bobcats’ primary wings, and has played at both the 2 and 3, slotting in at small forward when the Bobcats pair Kemba Walker and D.J. Augustin in the backcourt.

What kind of production have the Bobcats gotten out of this group?  Less than hoped for – Gerald Henderson ranked between 45th and 60th (of the aforementioned 110) in the categories reviewed.  Corey Maggette and Derrick Brown both had a couple of higher ranks, but in defensive rebound rank and steal rate, so…meh.

Player Pts per
100 Team Poss
TrueShooting% PER Defensive
Rebound Rate
Block Rate Steal Rate Assist Rate
Gerald Henderson 21.1 (45) 51.0 (60) 13.78 (50) 10.6 (59) 0.8 (48) 1.7 (49) 9.6 (59)
Corey Maggette 19.8 (51) 43.6 (103) 7.95 (99) 17.5 (11) 0.3 (87) 0.8 (102) 7.4 (76)
Derrick Brown 15.1 (89) 49.5 (75) 12.33 (66) 13.2 (37) 0.5 (68) 2.6 (15) 7.7 (73)

As a group, the Bobcats wings are not providing much offense, and what they do provide is with below average efficiency (disappointing to see all 3 below the 55th spot in ranking for True Shooting Percentage).  Overall production is low as well, with Gerald Henderson leading the way in PER with a 13.78 (while it’s above the midpoint of the group in ranking, it’s still below average production by definition, as PER is set to an average of 15).

To be fair, it’s still early in the season and this rankings can certainly change significantly. I’ll do a pull-up look like this again as the season goes on and hopefully a Bobcat will be moving up the charts.  At that point, some additional defensive measures will be included, but I wanted to hold off on that until there were more games in the system.