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Reggie Williams Film Session: Opportunity surrounds you

Just this past off-season the Bobcats signed Reggie Williams to a 2-year/$5mil contract and what might end up being one of the best splashes in the free agent market that the Bobcats have ever made. A 6’6 scorer that can play either SG or SF, a guy that will spread/run the floor in transition, and a player that has proved to be as dangerous as anyone from behind the arc to this point in his career is the perfect for a Paul Silas system. The reason for excitement and optimism was certainly there as the Bobcats announced the signing of Williams, but then the team immediately stated that Williams would need surgery on a torn meniscus in his left knee- out 6-8 weeks.

As the first 21 games of the season played out, the Bobcats suffered one injury after another to players that serve the most important purpose on the floor- scoring the basketball. First Maggette, then Henderson for a few games, then Augustin, and then Henderson again- but this time Hendo is going to miss 3-4 weeks. As all of these injuries played out the Bobcats seemed to have literally no one they could turn to for scoring- then Reggie Williams, who many had forgotten exist on the roster, was cleared to play and has already showed promise to help this team in the immediate and hopefully long term future.

Last season, Reggie Williams played 80 games for Golden State where he averaged 9.2 PPG in just 20.3 MPG. Where Reggie really opened eyes last season was in his ability to knock down the three at such a consistent rate- he shot 42.3% (102-241) from behind the arc last season. After the Bobcats got rid of Stephen Jackson this summer it was clear that this team was going to be very thin with outside shooters, and really the only guy that would be considered a threat from deep was the starting PG- D.J. Augustin. Reggie Williams’ 3-point shooting numbers last season may be a little bit inflated due to the system he was playing in and considering the fact he wasn’t keyed in on by opposing defenses- lots of open shots. He’s started this season 16.7% (2-12) from deep, but certainly a lot of that is due to rustiness and conditioning issues coming off the injury. Simply put, Williams will give Charlotte something this franchise hasn’t had since Jason Richardson- an outside shooting specialist that can play on and off the ball with positional flexibility. That being said, it’s not a stretch to think that Reggie Williams can become one of the best 3-point shooters in Bobcats history.

Okay, so let’s now take a look at the different ways that Williams can score the basketball and try to understand his high basketball IQ on the offensive end of the floor. (Note: Williams first start Saturday night in PHX yielded a 21 point effort- 8-15 shooting in 39 minutes)

So far this season, Kemba Walker has shown his ability to push the basketball and beat opposing defenses down the floor, but to no avail with any other teammates that could get down the court with him- until Reggie Williams. Williams came from an up-tempo, spread the floor system in Golden State. Here, Williams shows his ability to run the wing in transition with excellent spacing, making Kemba’s job easier.

Williams isn’t extremely athletic, but he knows how to score the basketball by still beating quicker defenders off the dribble and knowing how to size defenders up for his jumper.

In this clip Williams shows his understanding of angles- he uses the pick-and-roll perfectly, acting as if he will use the pick, waiting for hedge defender (Grant Hill) and his defender (Shannon Brown) to commit to overplaying and then exploding to the rim for the easy bucket.

Here, Williams chases down a loose ball and simply shows that he can create his own shot in a one-on-one situation by sizing up defender (Michael Redd) and pulling back for jumper.

At 6’6, Williams has deceivingly good length and uses it to his advantage here by crashing the offensive glass and putting the ball back in.

In the following clips Williams shows his ability to knock down the outside shot by spacing himself around the arc positionally, according to the location of the basketball. His understanding of how to get open, ready to shoot on the catch is as good as anyone.

Williams shows his ability to spread the floor and shift to the correct position, so he can get his shot off quickly.

Here, Williams pops off an elbow screen and uses his quick release to drill the jumper.

This guy can score at a high rate and he showed that in Phoenix on Saturday night in his first career start with the Bobcats. Reggie Williams has the opportunity to elevate his career to the next level in Charlotte. If his FG% continues to linger around 50% then he’ll have a chance to be a great scorer in this league and may just receive a long-term commitment from Charlotte.