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Reggie Williams: Season Report Card

PER PER Against (Net)
Reggie Williams 12.41 14.06 (-1.85)

Strengths: Williams was signed to a two-year deal last summer to come in and be a 3-point specialist- a player that could stretch the floor on the offensive end and knock down open shots. Unfortunately, for Williams and the Bobcats, he was injured for much of the season. Williams has proved to be a good shooter in the past. In his season with Golden State, the year before he came to Charlotte, Williams was 42.3 3pt% and attempted an averaged 3.0 3FGA/game. In Charlotte last season the story was much different, but it was the first time in Williams career that he was forced to be a ball handler much of the time and less of a spot up shooter. In pinches Coach Silas was forced to play Williams at the point and the stats proved that it was clearly a detriment to his offensive production as a player. You can argue that the switch up in roles for Williams was good for the maturity of his overall game, but personally I believe it further cemented his fate as a true role player in this league- a spot up/catch and shoot threat.

Weaknesses: Starting with this season, Williams struggled in many categories, but most noticeable was his pedestrian shooting averages. Williams shot just 30.8 3PT% and 41.6 FG%. Both of these averages were drastically lower than his first two seasons in the NBA. Again, much of Williams struggles evolved from the fact the he was forced to be much more of a ball handler last season, but a drop in numbers/production is never a positive sign for a guy in his third year. Williams lacks athleticism, and with the ball in his hands this season he was forced to settle for many bad shots, unable to score on more athletic defenders. He also struggles on the defensive end with his lack of lateral quickness and slow first step.

Reasons for Optimism: With the Bobcats set to draft at least a top-4 prospect this summer and assuming the team will be able to stay healthier next year, Williams should become more of a true role player, which he is more comfortable with. With a healthier backcourt Williams will be able to be more of a shooter and less of a ball handler. This should help Williams to become a much more efficient player for Charlotte and produce the numbers he displayed in his first two seasons in Golden State. Williams market definitely fell off after his numbers this season and he now has one year left on his contract with the Bobcats, so a solid 2012-13 campaign could land him another contract with Charlotte. I believe that Williams can be a great role player moving forward for this franchise, especially at the price that the Bobcats should be able to re-sign him for.

Reasons for Pessimism: The numbers this seasons are bothersome if your the Bobcats front office. As I’ve pointed out, there is certainly an explanation for the drop off, but nonetheless, this isn’t the foot anyone wanted to see Williams get off on in a Bobcats uniform. Williams also never got back into shape after his injury last season, so that was discouraging, and also led to him getting burned on the defensive end often.

Forecast: There are more positives than negatives to focus on with Williams looking ahead. He was simply too good of a shooter in his first two seasons in the league to not return back to that form. 22.5 MPG, 11.5 PPG & 47% FG is certainly reasonable for this guy and I would expect him to be much better next season. Williams first concern must be to get 100% healthy and back into shape. If he comes into preseason camp well conditioned then Williams should be a steady contributor off the bench, offensively, next season.