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REPORT: P.J. Hairston’s agent, Juan Morrow, not certified

Upside Media Group

Upside Media Group

As if we needed anymore bad news surrounding P.J. Hairston, we’ve got it anyways. Sporting News’ Kami Mattioli released a report this afternoon that suggest Juan Morrow, Hairston’s agent, is not a certified player agent.

Kami Mattioli’s story:

Robert Gadson, director of the NBPA’s Security and Agent Administration Department told Sporting News on Thursday that there is “no record of a Juan Morrow in (the NBPA’s) files, nor is there record of an applicant by that name.”

This is what the most recent NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement reads:

“(p)ersons who wish to represent NBA players in individual contract negotiations must comply with the Regulations and become certified as an NBPA Player Agent before they are eligible to participate in such negotiations.”

The long-and-short of this is that an agent who wants to become certified must apply through the NBPA office and it can take up to thirty days for the process to be completed. The scariest part is that the application process involves a background check, so who knows what that could potentially pull up about Morrow.

According to Mattioli, Sporting News reached out to the Hornets VP of Communications, Mike Cristaldi, who stated that the team would not be able to confirm any legitimacy about Morrow’s certification.

Last tidbit of bad (or good) news surrounding this situation – if a contract is signed in the NBA without the player’s agent being certified through the NBPA then, “all terms within the contract are voided.”

Yikes. The Hairston saga continues.