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Revolving door of workouts- next up, Tracy McGrady

Three weeks ago it was Malcolm Thomas, last week it was Josh Howard, names being thrown around as potential suitors to bolster the front court in Charlotte. This week, it’s Tracy McGrady- more of the veteran role that I believe the Bobcats are looking for and a much more intriguing talent to add to this roster.

At age 33, McGrady has definitely accepted his role in the NBA from this point forward (no pun intended), which is a veteran who can be a positive locker room personality and cover a multitude of roles on the court. At 6’8, McGrady can play just about any position on the floor and is arguably one of the most talented players of his generation. Naturally, T-Mac is a SF, but with his age and deteriorating athleticism it’s safe to assume that any team will want to get him more looks closer to the rim, so a hybrid PF role may not be so outrageous. McGrady is also rangy enough to guard bigger/stronger PF’s in a pinch, especially in Dunlap’s up-tempo defensive style.

For the minutes that Charlotte would be asking either Howard or Mcgrady to play (15-20 MPG), T-Mac makes more sense because of the fact that he’d likely be more willing to accept this role and brings less off the court baggage to the table (Presumably). Personally, I don’t see Howard and Dunlap falling in love, but I do, on the other hand, see T-Mac taking on the role of the willing veteran for a very young team. McGrady can likely be had for the veteran’s minimum, so although there are going to be some risks involved in signing a 33-year old who may not be able to stay healthy, Charlotte should still get their money’s worth if you get 50-60 games out of McGrady. And again, I’m going to venture to guess he’ll take on a veteran leadership role for the locker room.

We shall see how this all shakes out, but it appears that the Bobcats are going to add someone else to this roster before the beginning of next season. As all of these workouts occur, keep in mind that Cho and the front office are desperately trying to move Tyrus Thomas. The general thought is that no NBA team wants to touch Tyrus with a 100-ft. pole, but I still think there are some coaches out there that believe they could get through to this confusing talent- I always thought Popovich and San Antonio would be a great situation for him. Not to get sidetracked, but the fact that Charlotte has been in no rush to make a signing could possibly be a result of the team waiting to see if Cho can pull a rabbit out of his hat by moving Tyrus. Doubt it happens, but I would’ve also laughed in your face if you told me that Cho was going to flip Maggette for Ben Gordon and a first round pick.

So, are the Bobcats done throwing potential’s into workouts after T-Mac? It’s hard to tell, but what has become very clear is that the roster isn’t set and will at least have one more new face before opening night.