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Scoop Jardine will get invite to Bobcats training camp

Scoop Jardine. The name that I utilize as leverage to get back at a disgruntled Syracuse fan for years. Syracuse, an NCAA juggernaut most seasons, hasn’t found a way to reach the summit of the mountain since Carmelo Anthony left and their fans reflect that frustration. My buddy in college would always ridicule me for being such a diehard Charlotte Bobcats supporter and proclaim that my basketball dreams as a fan were all but dead. Since I couldn’t claim these comments to be completely invalid, I simply shot back by making fun of the ridiculousness of the name that is Scoop Jardine. I once used to laugh every time I saw Scoop’s name, but now the story seems to be coming full circle as the former Syracuse PG will go to training camp with the Bobcats and may just have a chance to make the roster. Charlotte only has two PG’s on the roster currently- Walker and Sessions.

Over Jardine’s 5-year career at Syracuse the PG certainly had his stints of good and bad. In his freshman season, Scoop was forced to come in for the last 10 games and start for the Orange when Eric Devendorf suffered a season ending knee injury. In 6 of those 10 games Jardine logged double figures in scoring and proved to many that he’d be a cornerstone for Syracuse basketball moving forward. Scoop ended up redshirting his sophomore season, and as for the rest of his career at Syracuse- well, I think all Syracuse basketball fans would tell you that they’ve seen the best of Scoop and the worst of Scoop, too often. And wanted to pull their hair out at some point during every game. Not to bash Jardine’s ability at all, because he’s without a doubt a more than capable PG that can make plays in numerous ways with his 6’2 frame. Jardine has a scoring mentality and can finish around the rim well for a PG with his above average size. He’s a crafty/flashy type of player who keeps his head up, finding scorers cutting to the rim and can score in numerous ways- mimics Dion Waiters in ways that he can score the ball.

Scoop Jardine averaged 8.9 PPG and 4.9 APG while shooting 47% from the field last season. Scoop’s junior season was his most productive- 12.5 PPG & 5.9 APG. Jardine’s FT% is the most baffling stat of his college career, though. In his freshman year Scoop was 83% from the FT line, but each season after that the % declined drastically (’09-’10- 75%; ’10-’11- 66%; ’11-’12- 55%). As with any Syracuse player, the question of whether or not they can adapt to a man-to-man defensive style looms large. Jim Boeheim produces many great NBA players, but also ones who are trained to play in a 2-3 zone defense.

There is more to Jardine’s story. Three days before the NBA draft last June Scoop was working out with the Utah Jazz when he broke his ankle and learned he’d be sidelined for 6-8 weeks. The timing couldn’t have come at a worse time as Jardine was a player who was projected to be a backend 2nd round selection at best. Things have looked dark for Jardine’s future in the NBA until the Bobcats came calling. Although the Bobcats haven’t officially announced that they will invite Scoop Jardine to training camp, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported yesterday that “it’s likely” he’ll receive an invite to camp with Charlotte and have a chance to make the team with only two PG’s on the roster.

Now that Carl Landry is off the market and we don’t have to debate whether or not that would have been a good move for Charlotte, the Bobcats seem as if they could be done in free agency. That opens up the door for guys like Jardine, who could potentially be the 14th player on this roster come opening night.