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Silas and Brown – a quick compare

9-19 with Larry Brown

7-5 with Paul Silas

The offense is up and the defense is down – in a good way.

And it’s all because Silas got this team out running…or not.

Offensive Efficiency Defensive Efficiency Pace
With Larry Brown 99.3 (28th) 105.2 (17th) 92.1 (22nd)
With Paul Silas 103.2 (23rd) 101.2 (5th) 90.3 (27th)

And while there has been a slowdown in frequency of wins with Silas as the schedule has toughened of late, the boost from Larry to Paul has not been due to degree of difficulty. In fact, the Bobcats path has been ever so slightly more difficult (in terms of opponent winning percentage) with Silas than with Brown. A few more numbers about the schedule both faced:

Opponent Win % Average Record Home/Road Split
With Brown 48.7% 19.7 – 20.7 13 – 15
With Silas 49.0% 20.1 – 20.9 8 – 4

Silas has had the advantage of a home-heavy start to his tenure – but homecourt advantage does not explain an 8-point swing in net efficiency for the team – especially the defensive leap.  A couple of ideas of what may have contributed:

-Additional minutes for Tyrus Thomas under Silas – up to 24.9 minutes per game with Silas after just 20.4 with Larry Brown.  While it is still not enough to satisfy most around the internets, it’s an improvement – and Tyrus shot-blocking (and shot-challenging) ability are a defensive deterrent.

-Nazr’s missed a few games for Silas and his minutes are down a couple a night from Larry Brown – the combination of more minutes for Tyrus and Kwame Brown at Nazr’s expense has seemed to had an effect as well – off all the Bobcats, Nazr’s on-court defensive efficiency numbers are worst on the team, at 110.5, more than 3 higher than any other Bobcat.