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Continuing Recognition of Crash

H/T to Mr. Mann at Rufus on Fire

Gerald Wallace is proud to be—along with Michael Jordan—the face of the Bobcats. The large player from a small Southern town is happy to be mentioned in the same breath as Jordan.

He just hopes not to share a hairstyle anytime soon.

SLAM takes a look at Gerald Wallace and his ever improving game – and what it is predicated on, his never ending hustle. Solid read (aside from the dig at the Bobcats first few seasons – “Over the next three campaigns, the Bobcats didn't improve much, but Wallace—and his digits—did.” – 18 wins to 26 to 33 in years 1 through 3, with a small step back in year 4, to 33. Nearly doubling their wins is not an improvement? I know it is a throw-away line, but it bothers me when people misrepresent the past to make a more compelling story). With that along aside over – check it out and revel in your support of a still young All-Star, who has grown so much in the Queen City.

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