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UPDATE: Al Jefferson reportedly asking for $15mil/year

ESPN’s Chris Broussard is reporting that the Bobcats and Al Jefferson met today and ‘Big Al’ now wants to wait and see what happens with Dwight Howard before ultimately making a decision of where to play next season. If D12 decided to go to Houston or back to Los Angeles then there is belief by the Jefferson camp that Dallas would make him an offer — hence, an opportunity to win now.

Broussard went on to add that Jefferson is asking for a contract starting at $15 million, annually.

Jefferson looking for 4-year deal starting at about $15 mill….

I noted yesterday that I believed Jefferson would be asking for a deal around $60-65mil over 4-5 years, and unfortunately, it appears as if I may have been correct.

Jefferson definitely makes Charlotte a better team immediately — probably somewhere in the 5-10 win range better, but this is a lot of money to a player who basically only plays on one end of the floor. Look, the guy isn’t incompetent defensively, but the effort isn’t there consistently and he’s not quick moving laterally, forcing him to get burned on PnR situations.

So, it sounds like the Bobcats made an offer to Al Jefferson today + he’s not completely turned off to the idea of playing in Charlotte. That being said, if Jefferson can play somewhere like Dallas and win now, while also making same $ Charlotte is offering (whatever that is) then he’ll clearly take that route.

If Jefferson is asking $15mil/year as Broussard is saying and the reports aren’t suggesting that he walked away from the meeting with Charlotte laughing today, then the Bobcats front office must have come pretty close to what Big Al has his eyes set on financially.