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Source: P.J. Hairston has new agent, but within same agency (UMG)

1403927103000-Hornets-PJThe team announced today that first-round pick P.J. Hairston has officially signed his rookie contract that will pay him approximately $2 million over the next two seasons.

There’s one obviously underlying fact here – Hairston and the Hornets must have found a way to have him represented by an agent that is certified through the NBPA’s Security and Agent Administration Department, which is exactly what has held up his official signing with the team up until now. Juan Morrow, Hairston’s former agent, is not certified through the NBPA, so what gives?

Queen City Hoops has learned from a source that P.J. Hairston has a new agent representing him that appears to be certified, but it’s within the same actual agency, Upside Media Group.

Source: It’s the same umbrella agency (UMG Global), just a different guy within the group.

Interesting. Smells a little stinky, but whatever.

Oh, but it gets better. Apparently, Hairston’s new agent is a youngster without any dirt on his hands.

Source continued: Kid recently graduated law school, probably doesn’t have a criminal record so the NBPA approved his application, and now he’s certified.

So, is this “kid” seriously representing Hairston, or is the agency just using him due to the fact that he doesn’t have a track-record (yet), and can become certified without much of an issue? Of course it’s speculation, but it’s fair to ponder the thought that Morrow is still very much involved in the representation of P.J. Hairston. Just not technically. Or whatever.

Is this a big deal? Probably not, but if we’ve learned anything up to this point with Hairston it is that any news involving his name likely involves speculation of dirty hands somewhere.

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