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TEAM: Bobcats waive Ben Gordon

The headline doesn’t read like anything that shocks you, but oh wait, there’s more to this. The team announced today that they have elected to waive Ben Gordon and officially end a relationship that’s been rocky basically since it began. Like getting waived when you’re owed $13.2 million in that same season isn’t insulting enough, the team did this the day after the deadline for free-agents to be eligible to sign with a potential playoff team – If this isn’t a ‘stick-it-to-the-man’ move then I don’t know anymore.

Look, I’m not in the locker room and really have no idea what the relationship was like between Gordon and the front office, but I would make my reservations to go ahead and state that it was very ugly. Unless, of course, this is a move to keep Gordon from teams that Charlotte will be competing with for a playoff spot (Atlanta, Brooklyn, Cleveland, Detroit) then it appears that the front office was always poised to get their payback on this guy – they now have. Personally, I think it appears to be a little bit too low of a blow, but again, none of us really understand the true context to this move.

Gordon + the 1st round pick the Pistons owe Charlotte were acquired from Detroit in June of 2012 for the expiring contract of Corey Maggette. Charlotte essentially paid $13.2 million for the Pistons 1st round pick, whenever they receive it.

Here are some reactions from the Twitterverse on the move: