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The Bobcats stats leaders may surprise you

Between the myriad injuries and plethora of semi-skilled big men (skills in this case includes athleticism – otherwise…well, I won’t name names), the Bobcats leading rebounder for the season is…Boris Diaw – both in rebounds per game and in number of games led.  Yes, Bismack Biyombo leads him in rebound rate – but I thought it was interesting that Boris has managed to be healthy enough and get enough minutes to maintain that lead for the time being in the antiquated counting stat that is rebounds per game.

Rebound Leaders
Rebounds Per Game Rebound Rate Games Led
Boris Diaw 5.3 20.8 9
Bismack Biyombo 4.4 29.2 6
Byron Mullens 4.3 22.3 6
Tyrus Thomas 4.4 21.0 4

Another intersting stat – Byron Mullens has led the Bobcats in scoring 4 times, just behind the team leaders in Gerald Henderson and Kemba Walker, who’ve taken that title 6 times to this point in the season.  D.J. Augustin sneaks in between them, with 5 games as the most prolific scorer.

Points Leaders
Points Per Game Pts per 100 Poss Games Led
Kemba Walker 13.2 18.1 6
Gerald Henderson 15.0 17.7 6
D.J. Augustin 13.1 16.3 5
Byron Mullens 9.7 18.4 4

And finally assists – the top two guys are the point guards – and the third is probably who you’d think: Boris Diaw.

Assists Leaders
Assists Per Game Assist Rate Games Led
D.J. Augustin 6.5 29.5 12
Kemba Walker 3.8 19.3 12
Boris Diaw 4.3 28.6 10