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A few more thoughts on the trade

I am dealing with some mixed feelings on the trade of Chandler and Ajinca for Dampier and parts – so I decided to see what some of my fellow bloggers thought about it. Ziggy from BobcatsPlanet, David of RufusOnFire, and James of, well, here provide some gut reactions to the move.

The Bobcats whet our appetite for the kind of low turnover, great shooting point guard that could move the Charlotte offense from the slow lane to the middle of the pack and it all falls apart at the last minute. Disappointment didn't end there as the team swung a perplexing deal for Erica Dampier's disappearing contract, Edjuardo Najera and Matt Carroll.

The team has vexed all of us with this deal that only makes sense if they can find a capped out team with a significant luxury tax bill to buy Damp's deal as they peddle it across the league. Which begs the question: If Dallas couldn't find a taker why would the Bobcats? If the team is trying to sell us on Dampier being the starting center, I don't think many fans would buy it and they shouldn't. The good news is that Matt Carroll, one of the most liked & and respected Bobcats returns. Here's hoping he gets some time to renew the faith in his shot that disappeared before he was traded away a couple of seasons ago.
-James of QueenCityHoops

Next up is David of RufusOnFire, who already posted some thoughts – Chandler-Ajinca to Dallas for Dampier-Najera-MATT CARROLL!!! – but was willing to further contemplate the situation:

After back-of-the-envelope calculations, it looks like this is a salary dump meant to keep the Bobcats away from the luxury tax. What bothers me most, though, is that the Cats seem to feel okay with making this move instead of standing pat because they subscribe to the principle that two average players are better than one above average and one below average player. When we're talking about the fifth-best player on the team, or the bench guys, I'm not sure that's true. Now, the Cats can spend their saved money on two rotation players instead of keeping Chandler for this one last year of his contract and then hunting for a cheaper option (Rasho? Mbenga? Josh Boone?).
-David of RufusOnFire.com

And last, but not least, is Ziggy from BobcatsPlanet:

After giving it some thought, I'm “comfortable” with the trade. On the court we would be lucky to get 50 healthy games out of Chandler, and from the looks of Summer League Lexi hadn't progressed enough for Larry Brown to be able to trust him with minutes this season. So we traded away two people that weren't going to have much of an impact on the Cats' win-loss column for Matt Carroll, Najera and quite a bit of cap flexibility. Najera and Carroll may stick and contribute in some small way, but the real gem here is Dampier's $13 million dollar unguaranteed salary. If that is used wisely, we may be able to parlay that into something that DOES have an effect on the win-loss column.
If the Dampier contract is handled shrewdly, then I think this trade is a win for the Bobcats.
-Ziggy of BobcatsPlanet.com

And one final link: Teej at BobcatsPlanet posted some thoughts on the trade over there as well – Bobcats trade Chandler to Mavericks – so go check that out as well.

ASChin from BobcatsBaseline weighs in :

Where do I begin?

The Bobcats essentially just traded the #2 overall selection in the 2004 Draft (Emeka Okafor) and this year's first rounder for Matt Carroll, Najera and an expiring contract. Think about that for a moment. Let it settle in. Now find the nearest toilet and release. This, Bobcats fans, is why an organization must have a plan.

We'll have to see exactly what the Dampier contract turns into but I don't believe that the team has any secondary trades or backup plans in place. Worst case scenario, the team just sheds $13 million in salary this season. My guess is that the Bobcats may try to package Diop and Dampier for Gilbert Arenas. Fans are screaming for Chris Paul but all evidence points to George Shinn holding him hostage until 2012.

MJ is winging it, what else can you say? And until Jordan figures out that a small market franchise needs to resemble the Spurs and not the Knicks, Charlotte fans will continue to be subjected to Michael's whims and questionable decisions.
-ASChin of BobcatsBaseline.com

Plus a few thoughts from Mike at BobcatsBaseline – Chandler and Ajinca Traded – Wow

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