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TrueHoop on Jordan’s Ownership

Grab a second cup of coffee or maybe print it out and carry it with you to lunch – but make sure to read this piece from Henry Abbott about Michael Jordan’s Bobcats: Michael Jordan’s Bobcat comeback. A quick excerpt:

When Jordan bought the team, there was discussion of more major changes to come. One was changing the name of the team. The other was bringing in another owner, to defray the losses Jordan was certain to endure.

Whitfield says both of those discussions are slowing down, in no small part because of the team’s success. The name change, he says, is “not anything that we’ve decided to pull the trigger on. … When I got here five years ago you’d never see people running up and down the street in Bobcats shirts, or Bobcats license plates on the front of cars. Now that we’re starting to see that, we’re asking ourselves does it really make sense to change the name and now have the third NBA team name in a small market like Charlotte.”

Henry pulls together a lot of quotes and info about the current state of the Bobcats – and it is certainly a lot more positive about the future of the Bobcats than the ESPN’s NBA Future Power Rankings released earlier this summer, where the Bobcats were worst in the league by a comfortable margin. It is worth your time, go check it out.

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