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Tyrus Thomas previewed for 2011-12

Tyrus Thomas’ Strengths

  • Creating chaos – a 9 in steals, a 10 in blocks, Tyrus is a disruptive force on defense
  • An improving midrange game that he may rely on a bit too much

Tyrus Thomas’ Weaknesses

  • Being involved in chaos – in addition to forcing turnovers, Tyrus creates them on the offensive end as well, with a 2 in turnover rate
  • And his propensity for seeking blocks and steals can hurt the team defense (and his own man)

Tyrus Thomas Forecast

  • If healthy, Tyrus may be the Bobcats’ best player – early season last year, Tyrus looked like his new contract may be underpaying him.  But injuries slowed him during the rest of the year, and his minutes were limited.  A rolled ankle in the Bobcats first preseason game gives pause that Tyrus will be more potential than productivity once again
  • However, if Tyrus can stay healthy (and manages his fouls), in 30 minutes a night, we could see 15 points, 7 rebounds, and 2 blocks from T-Time

Thoughts from Spencer

  • Thomas brings a lot of energy to the floor and can be an extremely effective player on both ends of the floor, but I think any coach would agree that he’s hard to get under control and you have to take the good with the bad in many instances with him.
  • Offensively, Thomas has a decent mid-range game that has improved drastically in the past few seasons. Great example was game 4 vs Orlando in 09-10 playoffs when Tyrus knocked down numerous 16-ft jumpers that kept Bobcats in the game. He’s a lot more effective when able to face the basket on the post, but really struggles with his back to the basket and has no go to move down low. Still needs to become much stronger with the basketball, turnover prone.
  • Protecting the rim is probably where Thomas excels the most. His incredible athleticism and leaping ability make him a great shot blocker and give him the ability to make up for team defensive breakdowns by aiding help side blocks at the rim. On the contrary, Thomas can get lost on defensive end in many instances and struggles to be in the right spot, especially when guarding smaller and quicker 4’s.
  • All this being said, I still have Thomas being one of two Bobcats that is poised to have a breakout season. Thomas just has to find a way to stay healthy for an entire season, and just maybe the 66-game schedule will help him do that. Barring injury, I believe Thomas will be a 15 PT, 8 REB, 2 BLK guy per night for the Bobcats.